SR-X Driving Simulator

Sim Seats driving simulator chassis rig
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  • Item #: SS-10-SRX
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Price $875.00

Trust our racing experience to your sim experience!  SR-X Driving Simulator: Durable, stable, compact, a must for the serious sim racer.  There is a reason why the SR-X works so well - years of customer feedback: we listened, we implemented. 

Strength lies in the tubular steel frame and integrated chassis bracing to take the abuse from hydraulic brake systems and heavy force-feedback steering wheels.  Framework is extremely adjustable for all driving styles - close wheel NASCAR configurations to neutral position road racing configurations.  A comfortable seat, a real car seat not an imitation, provides comfort for hours. 

Pre-drilled for Thrustmaster, Fanatec, and Logitech wheels.  Pedal plate designed and drilled according to your needs.  Hardware supplied so you can bolt up and start racing in no time.



Steel tubular framework

Chassis bracing

Shifter kit (offset style) with attachment for clamp style shifters

Posi-lock tilt wheel deck

Pre-drilled for wheel and pedals

Durable powder coated high gloss finish

Standard bucket seat

Made in USA!



Sparco seats: R333 and the amazing Circuit II (featured on the Legend package)



Please allow 2 weeks for fabrication!  Contact us for custom configurations

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