Sim Seats driving simulator chassis rig Triple TV stand Single TV stand
SR-X Driving SimulatorHeavy Duty Triple TV StandHeavy Duty TV Stand

SR-X Driving Simulator

Heavy Duty Triple TV Stand

Heavy Duty TV Stand




Single Monitor Stand Triple Monitor Stand Simulator chassis stiffening bars
Single Monitor StandTriple Monitor StandChassis bracing kit

Single monitor stand

Triple monitor stand

The already strong frame of the SR-X gets beefed even more!




sim seats keyboard tray driving simulator keyboard mount SR-X hanging pedal attachment with Wilwood pedals
Keyboard TraySeat for SR-X driving simulatorSR-X hanging pedal attachment with Wilwood pedals

Keyboard tray

SR-X driving simulator replacement seat

Hanging Wilwood pedals for the SR-X driving simulator




Custom Built Racing PC
Custom Built Racing PC

Powerfull Velocity Micro PC designed for iRacing, rFactor, Asseto Corsa, any PC racing game.