Dual button box - VRS Direct Drive

Dual button box - VRS Direct Drive
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A Sim Seats exclusive button box by Sim Speed Shop!  Super strong REAL carbon fiber construction, this dual button box is an awesome addition to your Accuforce or VRS wheel equiped SR-X.  Easily bolts up to the face of the direct drive motor, one USB from each button box for plug and play operation.

Most button boxes are universal in design, leaving it to the user to figure out programming and best layout.  Instead of leaving it up to you, we took the time to layout each panel, organize them into car specific functions (right side) and iRacing specific funtions (left side). Taking it ANOTHER step further, we teamed up with several pro level iRacers to assign to come up with the best layout to make in-car adjustments and pit stops most efficient.


Step up your iRacing game and get a competitive advantage with this exclusive Sim Seats button box!


All buttons are pre-labeled and must be set up in iRacing.  See manual here for instructions on setup: http://www.sim-seats.com/manuals-and-guides.html 

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